computational creativity

Evolutionary combination of connected event schemas into meaningful plots

Computational Models of Narrative Creativity

P. Gervás, Computational Models of Narrative Creativity, in Artificial Intelligence and the Arts: Computational Creativity, Artistic Behavior, and Tools for Creatives, P. Machado, Romero, J., and Greenfield, G. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2021, pp. 209–255.

Improving the Fitness Function of an Evolutionary Suspense Generator Through Sentiment Analysis

Predicting the effects of suspenseful outcome for automatic storytelling

Exploring Baselines for Combining Full Plots into Multiple-plot Stories

Computational Creativity Infrastructure for Online Software Composition: A Conceptual Blending Use Case

Information management in interactive and non-interactive suspenseful storytelling

Exploring the Potential of Concept Associations for the Creative Generation of Linguistic Artifacts: a Case Study with Riddles and Rhetorical Figures


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