Current Projects

IDiLyCo: Digital Inclusion, Language and Communication

The goal of the IDiLyCo project is to facilitate the communication and information access in the digital world to groups of people that, due to their functional diversity, can find problems when using natural language to communicate with other people or to access to digital information.

ComunicArte: Comunicación efectiva a través de la realidad virtual y las tecnologías educativas

Project ComunicArte is a two year effort funded by the Fundación BBVA with the aim of training people in the art of public speaking with the support of videogames and virtual reality.

Past Projects

PROSECCO: Promoting the Scientific Exploration of Computational Creativity

A 3 year coordination action funded by the European Comission FETOpen FP7 program.

ConCreTe: Concept Creation Technology

ConCreTe is a research project on Concept Creation Technology, funded by the European Commission Framework Programme 7.

WHIM: WHat If Machine

A 3 year project funded by the European Comission STREP FP7 program to address objective ICT-2013.8.1: Technologies and scientific foundations in the field of creativity.

MILES: Models of Interaction centred on Language, spacE and computational Semantics

A 4 year coordinated project involving natural language generation, ontological semantics and dialog systems for spatial guidance, originally funded by the Spanish Ministry for Innovation and Science, involving Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Universidad de Sevilla.

INREDIS: INterfaces de RElación con el entorno para personas con DIScapacidad

A 3 year CENIT project coordinated by Fundosa Technosite S.A. company and involving a large spectrum of companies, addressing the role of technology as a provider  of interfaces to the environment for people affected by functional diversity.

GALANTE: GenerAción del LenguAje Natural para Textos con Emociones

A 3 year coordinated project involving natural language generation and dialog systems for texts involving emotions, funded by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Education.

IVERNAO: Instrucciones VERbales para la NAvegación basadas en Ontologías

A 2 year project involving Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

AutoIndexer: Research and Development of Terminological Resources to Support the Automatic Indexing of Medical Documents

A 2 year AVANZA project involving Universidad Complutense and the Indizen company, addressing automatic indexing of medical documents.

Javy Forest: application of metaphor and blending in game environments

A bilateral integrated action between Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Universidade de Coimbra, dedicated to the use of conceptual blending to create rhetorical figures.


Google research award received by the university of Hamburg to develop an annotation system for narrative.

MILU: Módulo de Interfaz Lingüístico Universal

Grant for emerging research groups, covering broad research on natural language processing.