INREDIS: INterfaces de RElación con el entorno para personas con DIScapacidad

INREDIS will verse about security, portable devices, possible interaction channels, communication and system interoperability protocols and their application into various fields related with disability and the insertion of users with disabilities into the Informacion Society, such as: domotics, inmotics, mobile phones, urban and local mobility, shopping information, banks, digital television and other areas of interest.

INREDIS will suppose an important technologic jump over related research fields. This technologic jump will be specially evident regarding the interaction protocol between the access devices and the environment technologies. This new protocol will include most of the existent requirements on the market and will be interoperable with different end-user devices and Information Society’s services, so it will allow universal accessibility to future scenarios of ambient intelligence and to the development and the use of user adapted task-centered interfaces.

Regarding the development of experimental interoperable technologic platforms, the main technologic jump will be the integration of new technologies based into television, which are going to allow the access to the Information Society using more accessible and intuitive interfaces. One of the main points of mentioned jump will be the compatibility of existent infrastructures with the new television resources. Also, the development of an adaptative and universal interface for digital home, which will bring a big change into social behaviour of handicapped people, and the addition of new haptic technologies to cash points/dispensers will suppose important technologic jumps.

Reaching these technologic aims will turn into a big social worldwide impact. In fact, it will suppose an important progress for collectives with special needs and it will improve their quality of life.