REC is an automatic Camera Management System (CMS) based on the emotional analysis of the film script. The system tries to avoid two usual problems in CMS. First, the acquisition of the information needed to manage the virtual cameras; and second, how to improve the richness and the expressiveness of the story. In order to solve this, the system analyses the script obtaining the structure of the story (i.e. scenes, kind of sequences of the scene, actors, etc), making use of the Emotag program to obtain the emotional intensity of the text. With this information the system is capable of selecting the best camera configuration for a specific scene in real time. The cinematographic knowledge in REC is focused on the emotional aspect rather than in the geometrical disposition of the elements in the scene.

To evaluate the system a prototype with these ideas has been developed. The preliminary results of the system are presented in the video, which simulates a fragment of the film “The Lord of Rings: The Return of the King”, where all the shots and movements are generated automatically by REC. It is important to notice that the simulation and the film are not exactly equal, neither in the spatial disposition nor the shape of the elements in the scene. Also, some characters actions cannot be simulated because the models employed in the simulation had not been specifically developed for this work.