PRINCE is a natural language generation application designed to build texts for simple fairy tales. The goal of PRINCE is to be able to tell a story received as input in a way that is as close as possible to the expressive way in which human storytellers present stories.

To achieve this, PRINCE operates on the conceptual representation of the story, determining what is to be told, how it is organised, how it is phrased, and which emotions correspond to each sentence in the final output. Emotional content is added in the form of tags, to be realized as synthezised emotional voice. PRINCE has been used as natural language generation front end of ProtoPropp, a system for automatic story generation.

PRINCE is implemented using the cFROGS architecture, a framework-like library of architectural classes intended to facilitate the development of NLG applications.

Output texts in PRINCE have been improved using rhetorical figures, such as comparisons and analogies, along with an enriched lexical choice that produces richer texts from the point of view of the vocabulary. A multiagent architecture has been designed to deal with this task together with the Creative Systems Lab at the University of Coimbra, Portugal.