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Welcome to the 2012 Spanish Surface Realisation Shared Task

We propose a competitive shared evaluation task for Surface Realisation in Spanish. The task would be carried out in 2012. It would involve the generation of text in Spanish from a common ground input shared by all systems. Separate corpora for training/development (composed of pairs of common ground input and expected string result) and testing (only common ground input) will be provided. Automatic evaluation procedures will be provided. Submitted results will also be subject to human evaluation. The present proposal is tentative in two different ways. First, the authors intend to revise the proposal in view of the experience and feedback of the Surface Realisation Pilot Task currently in process for English, once its results are made public in August. Second, the authors are willing to colaborate both with organizers of equivalent tasks for other languages or more researchers interested in surface realisation for Spanish.

Posted by Miguel Ballesteros on July 1, 2011  •   • 

UCNLG+Eval — The 4th UCNLG Workshop: Language Generation and Evaluation

Miguel Ballesteros will give a brief presentation of our task proposal at UCNLG+Eval Workshop that will be held at EMNLP 2011

Posted by Pablo Gervás on June 20, 2011  •   • 

Proposal Accepted at Generation Challenges 2011 Surface Realisation Shared Task

"A Proposal for a Spanish Surface Realization Shared Task" which we submitted to the GenChal'11 Future Task Proposals Track has been accepted for presentation at the GenChal'11 Session at ENLG'11 and publication in the ENLG'11 proceedings. Surface Realisation 2011

Posted by Pablo Gervás on June 19, 2011  •   •