ImpImp is an interface for interacting with Spiel. Imp can be considered as a full Integrated Creative Environment (ICE). It allows any user to control the creative process of creating a movie automatically, using Artificial Intelligence to help in the creative process: from the first script to the intonation of the characters.

Tell me more about Imp

Imp is a stand alone application that makes Spiel, the Computational Creativity library, a human-ready system. Imp allows you to create, modify and view, in an interactive process, a full movie or story-like creation, and Imp can do it with or without your help. Being the window to Spiel, Imp brings you the ability of creating everything Spiel can create, and letting you control the operation.

Is Imp diferent from...?

There are several approaches to human interfaces for automatic creative systems. However, Imp is different because it covers the full process, and, in fact, it is only a tool to control the creative process, you do not have to use it to obtain a full movie.

Do I need Imp?

There are several uses you can find in Imp. Some of them are these:

  • You work creating stories, movies, TV shows or 3D animation sequences. You need some tool that helps you during the development, not only by organizing data and ideas, but also by recommending new scenes, creating drafts for you, or putting together your ideas in a meaninful product.
  • You are a researcher working on creative systems, and your research is related to any of the areas Imp works on.


Imp is still a project under heavy development. First releases will be published soon.