WASP (the Wishful Automatic Spanish Poet), is a rule-based system that generates automatically verses in Spanish. It is actually, a family of programs that generate formal Spanish Poetry. A pedagogical application that is our current benchmark for exploring Computational Creativity in machine use of language. Builds correct formal Spanish poetry starting from very basic metric information. As more and more language resources are developed, additional levels of linguistic information slowly creep in (morphology, syntax, semantics...).

[31st May 2005] The WASP family of automatic poets is presented at the Feria del Libro de Madrid. A brief presentation on poetry generated by computers was followed by a live demonstration of how the WASPos convert a message provided by the user into formal Spanish verse. An informal chat followed, with the participation of (human) poet María Sáinz.

This is what the press had to say about the event:

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