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Open research position in the WHIM project

The NIL research group ( at Complutense University of Madrid is looking for Research Associates, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

Perfil de programador gráfico senior

Un colaborador nos hace llegar una oferta de perfil de programador gráfico senior en. Más detalles en la descripción. Podéis contactar con

NIL en la radio

Alberto Díaz ha presentado parte del trabajo que se realiza en el grupo en el programa de radio "Principio de Incertidumbre" de Radio Extremadura. La entrevista aparece en la segunda parte del programa.

Research visit by a group of ENS Cachan students

On Monday 31st January, our Faculty has received the visit of a group of ENS Cachan students. They came from Paris to known about the research we are doing here.

Federico Peinado gave them a talk about Language, Storytelling and Videogames, presenting our research group and his own work in the field.

Merci beaucoup for your visit, folks!

UCM/MIT Indications, Referring Expressions, and Coreference Corpus available

The UMIREC corpus, ellaborated in collaboration with the Genesis research group at MIT, is publicly available. This corpus comprises 62 files in English (30 folktales and 32 Wall Street Journal articles) annotated with the location of referring expressions, coreference relations between the referring expressions, and the descriptive and distinctive information associated to the referring expressions.

WASP en la radio

Pablo Gervás ha presentado sus poetas automáticos, en una entrevista en directo, en la Compañía de Radio Televisión de Galicia (CRTVG).

Raquel Hervás completes a research stay at MIT

As a continuation of some issues related to her thesis, Raquel Hervás has completed a research stay of six months at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA. In collaboration with the Genesis research group at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), Raquel has applied some ideas from her thesis to the analysis of referring expressions in narrative texts and newspaper articles.

Game Guru project wins best game award at CVEEL'09

Game Guru, a pedagogical adventure game about the videogame industry created by Federico Peinado, has won the best game award of the CVEEL'09 Seminar at the Facultad de Informática UCM.

A beta version is available to download. The final version will be released after this summer.


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